A fish pedicure ended with amputations of all the toes

A fish pedicure ended with amputations of all the toes

Young vacationer infects with bone-eating bacteria in the fish spa

This holiday will probably not forget the young Thailand travelers their entire lives. Unfortunately, this is not due to the beautiful weather and the enchanting scenario, but to the buttering germ, which she caught in a fish pedicure. The bacterium Shewanella putrefaciens remained in the foot for two years before doctors found the water bacillus. But it was too late – all five toes had to be amputated.

The 29-year-old Victoria Curthoys from Perth, Australia, is mentioned in several English media. In 2010 she made a trip to Thailand. There she used the spa offer "Fish Spa", which is widely used in Thailand. With this fish-pedicure you can keep your feet in an aquarium full of freshwater fish, which then immediately start eating skin flakes of the feet. There she went, according to English media reports, to the bone-eating Shewanella bacteria, which gradually digested their toes.

In a Thai fish pedicure, a young Australian woman was infected with bone-eating Shewanella bacteria in 2010. In the next seven years, she gradually lost all toes on her right foot. Now she is afraid to lose her leg too. (Image: Romolo Tavani /

It all started with a piece of broken glass

The disaster started at the age of 17 years. The Australian stepped into a shard and got a wound infection on the big toe. This then had to be amputated in two. When she went to Thailand a few years later, she retired for the fish pedicure for an infection on the same toe.


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