A walk to raise funds and awareness for dementia and Alzheimer's

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The former resident of Lithgow, Brooke Wilson, has embarked on a fundraising trip to raise awareness about dementia. She now lives and studies a degree in Nursing in Illawarra, is determined for the month of February to complete a "My Memory Walk and Jog" to help Australians to become active and defeat dementia. Ms. Wilson said she decided to participate in the activity because of her dementia experience with her grandmother. "This walk means more than anyone can ever imagine, I will walk for my grandmother, she raised me as if I were her third child and it saddens me every day that now she can not remember who I am." She played her mother, grandmother and especially the best friend, "he said." Dementia is slowly becoming the number one killer in Australia with about 436.366 Australians living with this condition and Ms. Wilson said she wanted to help make a difference. imagined that his grandmother, once a schoolteacher in the community of Lithgow and Illawarra, was slowly losing everything she once was. "He is a lifeless person struggling to form a sentence. Someone who once called me magic because I was sure she knew everything. "But day after day he's forgetting how to hold a conversation, forgetting who they are and forgetting the basic skills of everyday life," Wilson said. To find out more: Mrs. Wilson also said that even though her grandmother was suffering, her beautiful smile still remained. Ms. Wilson said she will also walk to residents from a nursing home in Illawarra where she works as a caregiver 5 days a week. "In the last three years I have worked in an aged care facility and every day I see the struggle that residents suffer with dementia and it breaks my heart to know that my grandmother is one of them," he said. Taking this walk, Mrs. Wilson said it was intended to help families understand dementia and the first signs they can look for in their loved ones. From 3 February to 3 March, it will incorporate 7 kilometers on its daily journey to work and the gym. "I will walk for 7 kilometers a day, adding up to over 200 kilometers before the grand final drive," Mrs. Wilson said. He said that he hoped not only to raise money for his grandmother, but to gain awareness of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. "There is no known cure for dementia, so the most important thing is that people recognize when it starts," he said. Mrs. Wilson was aiming to raise $ 700 between February and March. While you're with us, you can now receive updates directly to your inbox from the Lithgow Mercury. To be sure to be updated with all the news, register here.