Alcohol: stopping drinking a few days a week can save your life

Alcohol: stopping drinking a few days a week can save your life

Spending a few days a week without drinking alcohol is the advice of a health promotion in England. Alcohol-related health problems are numerous and must be taken seriously. Maxisciences explains you.

a regular alcohol consumption can have real consequences on the health. And when alcohol gets involved in daily activities, addiction can happen very quickly.

Obesity, heart problems and cancer

Too big alcohol consumption on a regular basis can have consequences for our health : high blood pressure, heart problems and increased risk of developing 7 types of cancer. In addition drink are very bad heat, the risk & # 39; s obesity and too heavy increase when you drink regularly. Sally Davies, a physician who works as a consultant for the British Department of Health, recommends drinking 14 units of alcohol (6 glasses of 175 ml of wine) per week. The British Ministry of Health has therefore launched a communication campaign to raise the awareness of a population in particular in danger, the 45-65 years.

Shorter life

A recent study has even found that women lost 1.3 years of life expectancy while the men lost 1.6 years when she was the 40 years and that they drank more than the recommendations. Dr. Julia Verne, a representative of Public Health England, explains to the BBC : "Avoiding drinking for a day gives you a chance to clean your system and allow your liver to take a break. This also has an immediate effect on your sleep quality and the amount of calories taken. "

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