Australia dementia will run a "Living with dementia" program in Currambine

DEMENTIA Australia this month will begin its free life program with dementia in Currambine.

It is estimated that there are more than 40,000 people living with dementia in WA, and more than 2,200 of these live in the federal Moore electorate.

Without a medical breakthrough, the number of people with senile dementia is expected to increase to more than 56,000 people by 2028 and over 107,000 by 2058.

The Living with Dementia program aims to support people in the early stages of dementia diagnosis and to provide information to the person involved in their care.

Topics will include symptoms and diagnosis, treatment and research, planning for the future, relationships with family and friends, adaptation to change and communication.

The program also offers people the opportunity to meet and share experiences with others who are in similar circumstances.

The Currambine course will begin February 20 to register, call 1800 100 500.

Visit for more information.

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