Be careful! eating poorly washed fruit or vegetables produces parasites

The consumption of badly washed fruit and vegetables or poorly cooked meat and the lack of hygiene before consumption of food are channels of transmission of infections or parasitic diseases, alarmed specialists from the National Institute of Health (INS).

Eating poorly cooked pork or beef can produce you had if these parasites are found in this food. The transfer of had fish It is produced by consuming poorly cooked fish.

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On the other hand, weevils and other arthropods can be polluting grains or grains if they are not washed properly, with other intestinal parasites.

Most parasites have as their habitat the digestive system, where they feed on blood, cause the loss of iron and other nutrients, causing malnutrition mainly in children and low productivity in adults.

Bioloog María Beltrán Fabián, head of the Enteroparasitic Laboratory at the INS National Center for Public Health, explained that parasitic agents can enter the body by mistake due to inadequate hygienic habits before consuming food.

To prevent these diseases from being recommended to optimally cool and store food; maintain hygiene in the preparation of food; cook meat well; Wash fruit and vegetables well before taking them. It is also important to wash your hands before eating food and after using the toilet.

It is also recommended to keep the waste container well covered to keep rodents and other insects away, such as flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches, which are mechanical vectors of these infections.

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