BGH: Patient does not have to pay a dentist

BGH: Patient does not have to pay a dentist

Karlsruhe –

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) strengthens the rights of patients who have been arrested by the dentist. You do not have to pay for services that are so badly executed that aftercare can not save anything.

This was decided by the highest civil judges in Karlsruhe in the case of a patient from Bremen. The woman had a dentist place eight implants before she stopped treatment because of complications. She has to pay a reimbursement of more than 34,000 euros for the treatment.

Most recently the Supreme Court Celle decided that despite the failed treatment, the doctor was entitled to just under 17,000 euros – the reuse of the benefits for the woman "at least an option". The BGH sees that differently. A dentist can not promise success. In the concrete case, however, serious treatment errors had occurred, the services rendered were useless to the woman.

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