Boxing program helps people with Parkinson's disease fight symptoms - KSNT News

A local fitness instructor is helping people with Parkinson’s disease improve their body functions all through boxing and exercise. 

Adam Schroeder started Rock Steady Boxing at Pinnacle Fitness because he wanted to help his father-in-law who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Little did he know, it would turn into a place where people with the disease could gain confidence and develop new friendships.

Twice a week, the group comes to the gym and gives it their all. They make it a point to cheer each other on while doing it. That’s because they all know what it’s like living with Parkinson’s, a frustrating disease with no cure.

“You’re not going to be able to take a pill, you’re not going to be able to come in here and exercise it away,” said participant Dave Holthaus. “But, if you get the opportunity, you’re going to want to live the rest of your life to the fullest.”

Schroeder said he’s always amazed by their work ethic and camaraderie.

“To see what these guys do just to get in the door, and then the energy they bring,” said Schroeder. “And how hard they work, and the attitude they really bring it’s tough to be down on yourself about your own day when you see the impact these guys have on each other and what they can do to uplift you.”

While the workouts may not take away the tremors or the multitude of symptoms that come with Parkinson’s, they help build strength, power, flexibility and speed.

For Terry Stahl, seeing her husband’s confidence grow has been just as rewarding as seeing all the progress he’s made.

“It was just thrilling to see how he and the other guys interacted and how they were high-fiving each other and just the overall excitement of being a part of something,” said Stahl.

Through all the sweat and soreness, there’s no shortage of laughter or positivity.

To learn more about Rock Steady Boxing, you can visit their website HERE.