Child becomes serious by imitating the "death wheel" trick on YouTube

An 11-year-old boy was hospitalized with serious injuries that could cause a stroke, this was caused by trying to imitate a video that circulates in YouTube called "wheel of death".

According to the site Daily mail, Tyler Broome from Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, suffered from brain damage, blurred vision and swelling in the eyes after it was found unconscious in a park near a rotating wheel.

It was said that the child was forced to sit in the game in the middle of the wheel, while young people quickly turned the game around with the rear tire of a motorcycle, which accelerated to complete the task.

Doctors say that their injuries are the result of extreme gravity levels (known as G-forces) that only pilots and astronauts normally experience.

This force sent blood and other fluids to the young man's brain, which could make him vulnerable to stroke.

Dawn Hollingworth, the mother of the youngest, shared a video and a picture of her son on Facebook to find those responsible.

In the images Tyler fainted on top of the rotating wheel, while the subjects continue to accelerate the motorcycle engine to stimulate the game.

Similarly, the mother says that those responsible were not familiar with the child, so he believes it was a case of intimidation.