Coffee lovers are more likely to become a father

Caffeine increases the probability of conception exactly twice.

American scientists have confirmed the hypothesis that coffee has beneficial effects on reproductive function of men. They should drink only two cups of coffee a day so the chances of your partner getting pregnant has grown exactly twice.

Research presented at the annual conference of the American society for reproductive medicine in Denver. The experiment involved 500 couples trying to have a baby. The part of the men in couples a week before the planned conception began to drink two cups of coffee per day. It turned out that caffeine increases the probability of conception exactly twice.

Sunni Mumford, lead author of the study from the National Institute of health, USA, said: “We were somewhat surprised with the results. They emphasize the importance of lifestyle factors in men and women partners during highly sensitive periods in which it is possible to reproduction”.

The results obtained contradict the findings of previous studies where the authors did talked about the fact that people trying to conceive, it is better not to drink tea and coffee. But Professor Sheena Lewis, an expert in reproduction at Queen’s University in Belfast, explained that there is a biological mechanism that explains the results. This mechanism is associated with two chemicals in the body called ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and GTP (guanosine triphosphate). Caffeine prevents the destruction of these chemicals, so body cells, including sperm cells available for energy. The sperm from that, begin to move faster and, moreover, can survive in an active state much longer.

“This is good news, because a lot of infertility cases caused by male sperm, the sperm which is bad swimmers,” says Lewis.