Congo Ebola Outbreak: an emergency of public health of international interest

WASHINGTON–(FILO D & # 39; BUSINESS) – AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) echoes recent calls from authors
article in The
for the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr.
Tedros Ghebreyesus to reconvene the emergency committee to be considered
declaring a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC),
open the doors to greater international cooperation to be eliminated
the current Ebola epidemic that is devastating the Democratic Republic of
the Congo (DRC).

"Traditional methods to contain Ebola in the Congo simply do not
work, "said the president of AHF Michael Weinstein. "Not only are we
seen a mortality rate above 50%, continuous political instability e
armed conflict is interrupting the response efforts and making the population
increasingly suspicious. To further complicate the situation, migration
from the affected areas threatens the entire region. AHF invites the WHO to
reconvene the emergency committee and declare a PHEIC. Ebola is a world
problem – not a problem in Africa – and the WHO should have all the resources a
its provision that the international community can provide. This can not
it happens if the status quo is maintained. "

It is clear that this outbreak meets the criteria for declaring a
PHEIC: must be implemented. The response of the WHO can not waver
the pressures of violence and instability, and must leverage
all that is in his power to stop the current epidemic. AHF believes it is
time to rush to the danger and answer the call.

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