Dairy does not harm the heart .. and the age to eat 3 portions daily longer

A new study confirming the opposite of what doctors themselves think for years, revealed that eating dairy products and derivatives can "reduce the risk of heart disease" and is not harmful by increasing heart and blood cholesterol, as previously thought because the new study confirms that eating full-fat cheeses and whole grains with 3 servings of milk, cheese, butter or cream a day "reduces heart disease and strokes by twice as much, compared to eating less," according to a medical team at the university. McMaster in the city "Ontario" Canada.

Previous recommendations from doctors, especially in the United States, have advised to use more than 3 servings a day of non-fat dairy products, because they "raise the level of harmful cholesterol, a sign of heart disease", although the previously mentioned evidence, "Calcium , potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamin K1, K2 and probiotics in milk, can contribute to a healthy, chronic disease diet ", the British newspaper The Times reported Wednesday. As described in the attached video.

The authors of the research in the journal The Lancet Medical Scientific, based on the experiences and research of more than 136 thousand people from 21 countries, aged 32 to 70 years, and were divided into four categories of participation that began in 3003 and 9 years lasted: And those who eat less than a part of the day, and then a meal or two meals a day, while the fourth category for those who eat more than two meals a day, a meal was determined as a cup milk and another milk, with 15 grams of cheese or a teaspoon of butter, The researchers found that the mortality rate for those who ate 3 servings daily, full-fat, less heart disease Blood vessels and stroke compared with the group that did not take milk and dairy products.

The team also discovered that the highest milk consumption was in the United States, Canada and Europe, where participants ate 4 or more meals a day, while the lowest consumption was in South Asia and Africa, where participants earned on average less than a daily ration. "Further research is needed on why dairy products are associated with low levels of heart disease, as well as general food quality," the study said.

Previous experiences have proven the same

A similar study, which the media did not pay attention to, appeared in the November edition of the prestigious journal Nature, Nature Medicine, and also says that "cheese can make people live longer, in contrast to what the vegetarians long thought". Lactose and foods with high fat and cheese content have a negative effect on the skin, blood vessels, heart and stomach ", read the Arabic.Net in a summary of the study that states that spermidine was found in some cheeses, considered the key to longevity , the authors of the study found that it was a feature Preventing cardiac diseases, such as hypertensive heart muscle associated with high blood pressure, and reduces the problems associated with heart failure, so the study concluded that it increased the average age of mice.

Milk derivatives 3 times a day, even saturated with fat, benefit the heart and blood vessels and away from diseases and reduce mortality

The study was based on tests of more than 800 Italians and treated the traditional dietary subjects of the extended milk on a large amount of cheese. The results showed that, according to the study, Spiramide, particularly in long-lived cheese, such as whole grains and mushrooms, is 40 percent less likely than others to risk heart failure and the risk of disease and blood vessels in general, and blood pressure is clearly low.