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by Leslie Muya

today at 12:35

People with type 2 diabetes will tell you that they need daily insulin injections to improve their treatment when the tablets are no longer sufficient. But thanks to a clinical investigation, new hope has just arisen to do without it.

In France, nearly 3.3 million people were affected by diabetes in 2015 according to the Public Health France portal. These people are forced to poke themselves several times a day to restore the level of glucose in their blood. Daily insulin injections can be so inappropriate.
But according to The Guardian, a recent clinical study conducted by Dutch physicians can completely change the lives of people with type 2 diabetes, they have indeed performed an effective and "spectacular" treatment that has been tested on 50 patients. in Amsterdam.

The blood sugar level of the persons involved would have been stable for nearly a year thanks to a procedure to destroy the mucous membrane of the small intestine to have a new one. For this, patients received a tube – from their mouth to the small intestine – attached to a balloon filled with hot water. This destroys the mucous membrane due to its heat. Result? New cells of the membrane have developed in a few days.
Patients have seen their health improve. Their diabetes remained stable for almost a year. So, researchers believe they found a link between the absorption of nutrients through the mucous membrane and the development of insulin resistance.

"With this treatment, the use of insulin can be delayed or even prevented. It is promisingsays Jacques Bergman, professor of gastroenterology at the Amsterdam UMC in The Guardian. We noticed a dramatic improvement in blood glucose levels the day after the operation. The question now is whether it is a permanent treatment, or whether it should be repeated, which in theory should be possible. But the first results are really spectacular, the majority of patients who do not use insulin after this treatment ".
Excellent news!

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by Leslie Muya

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