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Dayo Ojerinde

The researchers said that a healthy diet, rich in fiber and vegetables, can significantly reduce the symptoms of depression.

The head of the research team, dr. Joseph Firth, honorary researcher at the University of Manchester, UK, said, although poor diets had a negative impact on mental health, but did not automatically mean that improving one's diet could alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Second medicalnewstoday.com, The researcher examined data on nearly 46,000 people to determine whether a better diet could improve mood disorders.

In the study, published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, the researchers looked at the information available from the major electronic databases and searched all randomized controlled trials that studied the effects of dietary interventions on symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The analysis revealed that every type of dietary improvement significantly reduced depressive symptoms.

"Dietary interventions that eased depression included weight loss diets, diets that reduce fats and nutrient-rich diets.

"The similar effects of any type of dietary improvement suggest that highly specific or specialized diets are not necessary for the average individual, but making simple changes is equally beneficial for mental health."

"In particular, eating more nutrient-rich meals, which are rich in fiber and vegetables, while reducing fast foods and refined sugars, seem to be sufficient to avoid the potentially negative psychological effects of a junk food diet," said Firth. .

In addition, the co-author of the study, Dr Brendon Stubbs, emphasized the importance of physical exercise.

"Our findings in this study found that when dietary interventions were combined with exercise, a greater improvement of depressive symptoms was seen by people." Overall, our data highlight the central role of a healthier diet and regular exercise as a vital treatment to help people with low moods, "Stubbs said.

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