Doctors ensure the effectiveness of the Russian flu vaccine

Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Gabrichevsky (structure of Rospotrebnadzor) confirmed the epidemiological effectiveness of the Russian flu vaccine "Sovigrip".

The studies were conducted during two epidemiological seasons of 2016-2018. in six regions & # 39; s. More than 10,000 people participated. from 18 to 85 years, divided into two groups – the most important (vaccinated participants) and control (non-vaccinated). The effectiveness of the vaccine was determined by the number of registered cases of influenza and SARS after vaccination.

It has been established "a significant reduction in the incidence of vaccinated, compared to non-vaccinated teams, high anti-epidemic potential of the vaccine during massive immunization, it is well tolerated and has a weak reactogenicity.

According to reports, in the main group, the incidence of confirmed influenza was 0.36% per 1000, the incidence of other acute respiratory viral infections was 1.7-2 times lower on average; in the control group, the incidence of influenza was 41 times higher.

Vaccine reactions requiring medical intervention were not observed. Temporary general and local reactions were observed in 1.6% of the total in vaccinated subjects, consistent with the WHO safety recommendations. All general and local reactions took place independently within 48 hours. after vaccination.

"Sovigrip" refers to the type of inactivated influenza vaccines containing influenza A and B antigens, Russian development is indicated for children from six months of age, adults without age limit, pregnant women in the second and third trimesters. The antigenic composition of the drug strains is changed annually in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO and the committee for influenza vaccine and diagnostic strains of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Mass free influenza vaccination under the MHI program began in 2006 when the vaccine was included in the National Schedule for Immunization. For more than 11 years, vaccination coverage exceeded 40% of the population (in 2006 – 28 million vaccinated, in 2017 – 67.4 million). It was noted that during this time the incidence of viral infection increased tenfold – from 355 to 34.9 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

This season, 62.3 million doses of the two most commonly used types of flu vaccines, the Sovigrip subunit and Ultrix split, were purchased for deliveries to the region. Only Natsimbio is involved in supplying vaccines to the region & # 39; s.

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