Doctors have compiled a list of tests that each man must pass

On the eve of the holiday experts recommended the strong gender to focus on health

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If you believe the polls, women monitor their health much better than men. So the number of visits to doctors – even without a reason to be examined. The inattention of the representatives of the strong half of mankind towards themselves, beloveds, may end in a tragedy. Experts believe that it is one of the reasons that the duration of male life in Russia is much shorter than that of women. On the eve of February 23, doctors compiled a list with five tests that will help to form a complete picture of men's health. It is these health indicators that must always be kept under control, even if there are no complaints.

Doctors have compiled a list of tests that each man must pass


The first: cholesterol levels

According to the expert of the medical laboratory, Vladimir Mukhin, is one of the most important health indicators for men that you need to know an indicator of cholesterol level in the blood (or the so-called lipid profile). It is necessary to pass it on to anyone over the age of 35, as well as to those who have not yet reached this age, but who are already overweight, have diabetes of the second type and whose relatives have certain cardiovascular disorders (angina pectoris). , ischemic heart disease atherosclerosis, etc.). "For the study, blood is drawn from a vein, and its data allows the physician to get a picture of the situation with fat metabolism in the body, to calculate the risks of cardiac appearances. and blood vessels, as well as the liver and gallbladder, "says Vladimir Mukhin.

Two types of blood cholesterol indicators are often studied: high density lipoproteins and low density lipoproteins. People call them good and bad cholesterol. When increasing the level of bad doctors tend to look for the cause of atherosclerosis, which leads to the appearance of thrombotic plaques in the blood vessels. In addition, cholesterol is important to know in order to understand many other biological processes in the body. For example, it is involved in the synthesis of sex hormones, as well as the stress hormone cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands.

Second: important enzymes

These include ALT and AST – they are involved in metabolism. A change in their indicators is a signal that the process of cell destruction has started or damage to internal organs (mainly the heart muscle or liver). At the same time, men are more susceptible to bad habits than women and they tend to stay at the basis of healthy eating, leading to a violation of AST and ALT levels. Normally, the ALT indicator must not exceed 45 units (U / l) and AST – 47 (U / l). "This is slightly more than in women, because men exercise considerable physical effort during sports activities and are engaged in more difficult physical work," Mukhin said.

A slight overshooting of the indicators of these normative values ​​still means nothing criminal. This happens, for example, after taking an antibiotic treatment or other medication. However, if the rate is significantly exceeded, there is a reason to undergo a thorough examination (which – the doctor will tell you). And yet – it should at least be for a while to remove alcohol and nicotine from your life, as well as limit the consumption of fatty foods.

Third: testosterone

For most men, testosterone levels are only a barometer of their male strength. In fact, it is a barometer of the state of the whole organism. Vascular problems will mainly affect the potential. Therefore, erectile dysfunction usually suggests that a person already has diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, etc. At the same time, abnormalities in the level of hormones can occur, even in people of very young age, which is full of and the development of infertility.

In other violations of the hormonal background, men can talk about obesity for the female type (the deposition of fat on the hips and chest).

Fourth: prostate specific antigen (PSA)

It is this tumor marker, included in the program of prophylactic medical research of the male population, is an important indicator of prostate cancer, which today became the second among cancer patients among Russian men. Depending on its level, the disease can be suspected at an early stage, if it has been cured successfully before. It suffices to do a blood test once a year – from 40 years.

Fifth: hidden blood in feces

Regular delivery of this analysis is important for both sexes. It is possible to determine the early development of serious pathologies of the gut, including oncological processes, which do not manifest symptoms until the late stages. "The blood is excreted in small amounts and exposed to the action of enzymes in the intestines, causing epithelial cells and hemoglobin to lose their color and can only be determined by laboratory tests," explains our expert. Nevertheless, only colonoscopy makes diagnosis of colorectal cancer possible with one hundred percent accuracy. However, the faecal occult blood test will help identify the precursors of cancer – polyps in the gut that can help prevent the development of a serious disease.

… As you can see, all studies are fairly simple, you can pass them on quickly. Doctors do not neglect men to neglect their health.


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