During three days, more than 1,600 residents of the Krasnodar region passed the HIV test

All-Russian action of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation "Test for HIV: Expedition "is aimed at informing citizens about HIV / AIDS problems and motivating the population to test HIV infection From 8 to 10 October, residents of the Krasnodar area tested free of charge anonymously to assess their HIV status The test team was accompanied by the personnel of MUP "KTTU" Trolleybus Depot No. 1. The results of the action were summarized during a solemn event that took place on 11 October Krasnodar.

On 11 October, the results of the action were summarized during a solemn event in Krasnodar.

Deputy department head, head of the department of the Organization for Primary Health Care Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar area Yuri Sarychev He noted that more than 20,000 people with HIV-positive status live in the region. Thanks to the interdepartmental interaction of ministries and departments of the Krasnodar area, prophylactic actions and measures are actively implemented. "Our active living position can affect the retention and delay of the spread of HIV infection," Yury Sarychev is certain.

Residents of the region showed a lot of activity and interest in the action.

Valery Kulagin, Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar area He mentioned the dizzying numbers: "During the three days of the rally in the Krasnodar area, more than 1,600 people were tested, and the number of residents who underwent voluntary testing as part of the campaign suggests that we should continue to carry out preventive work. The most important thesis, "it is better to prevent, than to cure" will bear fruit ".

"We all have to understand that the problem of HIV / AIDS is a problem for more than one person, it is a problem of the whole society," remarked Head of the Labor department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Krasnodar area Anna Leonova. – Residents of the region, labor collectives, managers have shown great activity and interest in this action. And if we observe this interest, we will participate in the All-Russian action in the following years. Ministry of Health From Russia. Together we will win.

Finally, comments Oksana Korobkina, Chief Medical Officer, Center for Prevention and Fight against AIDS No. 2 from the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar region She noted that the campaign "HIV test: expedition" in the Krasnodar area is an important social and preventive event, which must ensure that everyone who has passed the test at a mobile test station, remembers that this must be done continuously .

At the end of the event, a solemn transfer of the flag of the region to the organizers took place in a sign of the participation of Krasnodar Region in the "HIV Test: Expedition" campaign. According to the results of the action, all the flags collected will be shown on the forum for specialists in the prevention and treatment of HIV / AIDS, which will be held in Moscow in November 2018.

The Krasnodar region replaced the baton of the Rostov region.


Sport on vigilance of health

The Continental Hockey League (KHL) has joined the stage of the All-Russian campaign "HIV Test: Expedition" in the Krasnodar area. October 8 in the context of the hockey clubs match "Sochi"-" Vityaz "passed free anonymous rapid tests for HIV infection to guests and participants who arrived at the competition The official partner of the KHL, the brand Durex, provided tests and information material for the test participants and the spectators of the competition.

As Sergey said Dobrohvalov, vice president of marketing & communication KHL: "The most important task of sport was to maintain and strengthen people's health, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle KHL, who is the organizer of the championship with the strongest teams on the Eurasian continent, is aware of its responsibility in carrying out this task Participation together with the official partner of the KHL, the Durex brand, in the All-Russian action of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, meets of course, we are happy to be able to make people aware of and contribute to the prevention of the spread of HIV thanks to hockey and the KHL championship competitions. "Sports palaces at KHL competitions are always open to such events. "

Follow the action in the section "HIV-TEST: EXPEDITION" and on the website about HIV / AIDS prevention: O- SPIDE.RU.