Egyptian Allergy: Antibiotics do not eliminate cold viruses

Dr. Magdy Badran, a member of the Egyptian Association of Allergy, said that antibiotics do not eliminate the cold viruses, which he described as a waste of time, explaining that the causes of the cold viruses while the antibiotic is antibacterial and therefore the outcome does not benefit when it is taken.

Badran advised the 8-morning program and the dmc on Saturdays to use napkins during sneezing to prevent the spread of the virus in the ocean, and to avoid contact with colds, especially during sneezing. Washing without hands, because the cold enters the human body through the nose, eyes and mouth.

He pointed out the need to breathe hot drinks before they are absorbed, because it helps to increase immunity by the flow of blood circulation in the body, adding that sleep well increases the immunity of the body and is not exposed to viruses .

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