Electronic cigarette: carcinogens stored in the lungs during vape

Electronic cigarette: carcinogens stored in the lungs during vape

Is the e-cigarette more or less toxic than the traditional cigarette? Since commercialization on a large scale fifteen years ago, scientific studies have followed each other and are contradictory. According to one of the most recent, published by American researchers on August 7 in the scientific journal Toxics, the smoker would absorb many toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde in vapors, which can increase the risk of cancer.

Vera Samburova, from the Nevada Research Institute, and her team have been working for several years on the risks of e-cigarettes. In this new study, researchers analyzed the breathing of twelve consumers of e-cigarettes before they broke. For more realism, most participants used their own devices and liquids and vods as they had done in the comfort of their home.

Scientists then subtracted the concentration of chemicals found in the smokers from the smokers from the rate found in the vapors coming from the vessel, with the difference being recorded in the lungs of the vapers. And the result is the scariest: "We discovered that the average concentration of aldehydes after a vapor session was ten times higher than before," says Vera Samburova.

New study must be carried out on a larger group of participants

"Later we saw that the concentration of chemicals such as formaldehyde in post-vaping breathing was hundreds of times lower than what we found in the vapors of electronic cigarettes, meaning that a significant percentage of them remained in the smoker's airways," she continues. . "So far, the only research on the amount of aldehydes that has been blown in during smoking is done by consumers of conventional cigarettes," she says.

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