Ellie Long, the teenager who rather dies for food

His family went to health services several times for help, but he thinks everyone "failed"

Ellie Long was a 15-year-old English who wanted to become a doctor, but after two years of depression struggling with anorexia, she committed suicide in her room a few days before Christmas 2017.

A year later, a court in Norfolk County, England, investigates whether the authorities have responded adequately to their case.

Ellie had a "history of two years of depression"And even on one occasion he came to write one farewell letteras was said in a recent hearing.

I was treated with the antidepressant Prozac.

Her family feels that "everyone" asked for help before the death of the young woman "failed" them.

The doctor specializing in mental health Keran Chitari, who was present at Ellie, told the court that at that moment Health services were "reduced".

Ellie's mother, Nicki Long, said that after losing weight her daughter had problems sleeping and that this later led to suicidal thoughts.

Ellie & # 39; s GP sent her to the service for eating disorders, where she was seen by a dietitian and a psychiatrist.

But for the adolescent the conversations about food were "condescending," so she stopped attending her appointments, according to her mother.

"I asked for help screaming"


The teenager died two days after being hanged in her room in the hospital.

The response from the medical services was to double the dose of Prozac that Ellie received, as was said in court.

Long believes that his daughter "He asked for help to scream, but it was not offered".

After a nine-day stay in the hospital, Ellie's family feared for her integrity. The young woman even said that he preferred to commit suicide instead of eating, claiming that "everyone would be better without me".

Long told what happened on December 9, when she called an ambulance, but was told to take her daughter to an emergency center for situations that were not serious, rather than a hospital.

The woman also called the police with the I hope Ellie is hospitalizedbut the agents instead gave him a telephone number for social services attended by an answering machine.

The next day, Long thought Ellie was hanging in his room. The teenager died two days later in the hospital of Norwich University.

Dr. Chitari has stated in court that I did not know Ellie's suicide risk history.

"A care plan has never been completed and there was no crisis plan," he said.

"Six people tried to do the job of 20. The service was reduced, but we tried to provide the best possible care."

The research is still under way.

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