Employees of Saud Medical Office: Beware of the risks of sitting and motor inactivity

King Saud Medical City warned of becoming ill, stressing that the lack of physical activity in smoking contributes to the incidence of many diseases, and described the educational counselor of medical rehabilitation Amira Rashoud, who was sick of "silent killer", pointing out that the individual usually spends 19 hours without exercising No activity per day.
She noted that prolonged sitting caused lower back pain and problems of muscles and bones.
She said that sitting is an hour of sitting without any physical activity, and it often affects office workers, drivers or people who watch television for hours and who are sitting in front of electronic devices.
It has been shown that prolonged sitting lowers the rate of burning of calories, which leads to the accumulation of fat and affects the cholesterol level and the low effectiveness of insulin and thus increases the risk of various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.
Al-Rashoud advised the need for exercise and exercise, as well as removing inactive offices and replacing them with active offices, as well as holding meetings to walk and to dispose of the table.

This article was written by Network News Indicators