Establishment of the National Committee for the control of microbial resistance

Dubai, November 21 (WAM) – Assistant secretary for the sector, Dr. ir. Hussein Al-Rand,
Clinics and health centers in the Ministry of Health and Community Protection on the formation of the committee
National antimicrobial resistance with participation of all parties
Health in the state, private hospitals and the Ministry of Environment and Change
The City of Dubai and the Food Control Authority of Abu Dhabi.

He noted that the committee had taken many initiatives, including reinforcement
Ministerial decision to prevent the removal of antibiotics from private pharmacies
Non-prescription and microbial resistance monitoring of antibiotics in each
UAE Indicate and study the current situation in terms of application systems
Rational use of antibiotics and follow-up of associated infections
For healthcare institutions so that they can support activities related to their reduction to less
Grade possible.

Dr. Hussein Al-Rand pointed to the increasing number of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics
Of vital importance at the global level, according to the warnings of the World Health Organization
The efforts of the ministry to rationalize the use of antibiotics through campaigns
Continuous awareness and circulating circulars to prevent them from being issued without a prescription
With compliance with therapeutic protocols when described according to patient cases
As part of the ministry's efforts to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare
In innovative and sustainable ways to ensure disease prevention by the community.

His remarks came in the margins of an awareness campaign organized by the ministry in a hospital
Al Baraha in Dubai in combination with the World Awareness Week
Under the motto "Reconsider and ask for advice .. Abuse of antibiotics
We are all in danger "with the aim of spreading awareness among the general community
The risks of over-the-counter antibiotics and their consequences
Negative for the immune system in the presence of Dr. Najeeba Abdul Razzaq President
Central Infection Control and Prevention Committee of the Ministry.

The World Awareness Week on antibiotics will be held in November
Every year to raise the global awareness of the problem of antibiotic resistance
And promote best practices between members of the community and health professionals
And policy makers to prevent the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

The event included the lighting of the "Dubai Lounge" in blue to express the support of the state
UAE for the efforts of the World Health Organization on the awareness of antibiotics
And the organization of an exhibition to teach about the importance of personal hygiene in the prevention of infections
Transfer and non-distribution of antibiotics for obtaining
The advice of a qualified health care professional.

The event also led the hospital staff's awareness of the importance of participation by everyone
To reduce bacterial immunity to antibiotics, you must explain and distribute information leaflets
Patients and visitors to the hospital should be informed of the correct use of antibiotics
And natural ways to treat flu and colds because the causative virus does not
It needs antibiotics.

In turn, Dr. Najeeba Abdul Razzaq on the increased exposure of the wounded
In cases of infection caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics
Begin to multiply and cause prolongation of the disease, which means the continuation of the infection
Increase the risk of transmission to other people and can no longer be treated as such
The first requires more care, treatment and resort to antibiotics
Other complications can be caused by acute side effects and a significant threat to public health
There was no intervention and radical solutions.

She explained that the World Health Organization warns about the end of the era of antibiotics
And stresses that changing the behavior of excessive intake will no longer likely delay
Where resistance to germs around the world is a significant health risk
That global laboratories take action to combat resistance
Medicines by following the path of spreading their resistance that weakens the treatment of diseases
Infectious diseases and an increase in health care costs.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection signed a memorandum of understanding with the company
GlaxoSmithKline Medical aims to launch an awareness campaign for health
Media in the UAE to address the growing problem of bacteria
As a global phenomenon, coinciding with the World Awareness Week
Antibiotic resistance that is held every year in November.

The signing of the agreement was signed by HE. Mohammad Salim Al Ulama, secretary of the Ministry of Health
And the protection of society .. Signed by dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al-Rand
Assistant Undersecretary for Health Centers and Clinics Sector Chairman of the National Committee
Antimicrobial and Sameh Al-Fangri, General Manager of Glaxo
Smith Kline "in the Gulf region in the presence of HE Dr. Yousef Mohammed
Al Sarkal Assistant secretary for the hospital sector at the ministry.

WAM / Hilla