Experts argue for a better identification of patients with a high burden of rosacea in daily practice

Experts argue for a better identification of patients with a high burden of rosacea in daily practice

PARIS, September 14, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Additional analysis of a global survey conducted and presented this year, the report of specialists called & # 39;Rosacea: beyond the visible & # 39; (Rosacea: beyond the visible), helps healthcare providers identify the common characteristics of patients with a high burden of rosacea *. The results of the analysis are aimed at increasing the criteria for personalized treatment to improve patient care. The results were presented yesterday during a symposium on the 27th. Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, EADV) in Paris, France, reveal that a broader definition of patients with high loads is needed to help reduce the burden in daily practice.

The data analysis classified patients with high burden, taking into account the extent to which their condition affects the quality of life (QOL), to what extent their behavior and their desire to heal affects.[1].

"People with rosacea are often judged on their appearance, which affects them a lot in daily life, and if their rosacea is severe, the symptoms are also more important, itching and burning to a permanent red area in the central part. However, rosacea report a significant effect on quality of life, suggesting that it is not sufficient to evaluate patients solely because of clinical severity.said Professor Dr. Uwe Gieler, Department of Dermatology and Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Justus-Liebig University of Giessen, Germany, one of the authors of the report rosacea: Beyond the visible (Rosacea: beyond the visible). "By better identification of this demography dermatologists and other health professionals will be better equipped to adapt the treatment to the needs of the individual and ultimately improve the care for people with this chronic skin disease".

The data showed that patients with a high burden of rosacea were significantly younger, employed and likely to be men, compared with their peers with less burden. Another obvious feature was an increase in skin sensations (such as itching 48% compared to 37% and pain 23% compared to 13%) in contrast to their peers with less burden during the last 12 months.

The risk of high stress is influenced by the severity of the symptoms. However, this condition can be related to the severity of rosacea. After having analyzed for more than 12 months, patients with high burden have shown a significant increase in the risk of an effect on daily activities, such as their skin care treatment, and discomfort caused by the disease in patients who do not have a high burden. Other risk factors were a family history of rosacea and an increase in visits to emergency departments with respect to rosacea.

The experts concluded that health professionals who treat patients with rosacea should have questions about daily workload to ensure that treatment is tailored to the patient's experience of disease, not only with the severity of the disease. .

The presentation is entitled "High Load Patient Definition" (Gieler, U. and other authors, 27th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV), September 13, 2018).

* Patients were categorized as a high burden when at least three of the four areas were positive (the threshold was determined by the average cohort).


Indirect question

Positive threshold


Overall impact on CDV (0-10)

Result> 5


Degree of adaptive behavior

Result> 6


Willingness to pay to achieve complete healing

> 20% monthly income

Psychic / emotional

Willingness to change years of life for a complete cure

> 6 months

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About rosacea

Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin disease that exhibits variable clinical features, the most common being: redness, permanent erythema and inflammatory lesions. It mainly affects the central parts of the face, such as the cheeks and the nose. The disease can affect both men and adult women, usually older than 30 years. In addition, itching, burning and increased sensitivity of the skin are common symptoms. The eyes are often affected and can be red, dry or itchy.

Although the cause of the disease is still being discussed, several triggers are known, such as spicy food, alcohol, emotional stress, sun / UV exposure, hot baths and drinks. In the skin of a large number of people suffering from rosacea, it is also often found Demodex, generally innocent mites.

If left untreated, rosacea can get worse over time. People who suspect that they suffer from rosacea should visit their dermatologist or doctor for a diagnosis and decide which treatment is appropriate for them. Since rosacea is a very visible disease, it causes shame and anxiety in some patients, which in turn can cause frustration and can have a negative effect on their social life.

About the BURDEN survey

The BURDEN survey was developed by Kantar Health as a self-study online survey supported by Galderma. The study was conducted in 710 patients with a diagnosis of rosacea and 554 dermatologists and general practitioners in 6 countries (France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States). The survey asked the respondents about their experience with life with rosacea or the treatment of patients with rosacea.

The participants were recruited via the online Kantar panel. To maximize the size of the sample, no quota was set. Therefore, the sample is not representative of the rosacea population in each country; consequently the results of this study can be influenced by a bias in the selection and can not be derived from the whole population with rosacea.

About Galderma

Galderma, the business unit for medical solutions from Nestlé Skin Health, was founded in 1981 and is now present in more than 100 countries with a broad portfolio of products for the treatment of a number of dermatological diseases. The company works with healthcare professionals from around the world to meet the health needs of human skin all their lives. Galderma is a leader in the research and development of scientifically defined and medically proven skin solutions. For more information, go to


  1. Galderma data in file.


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