Fake Hepatitis B vaccine not harmful – minister

Fake Hepatitis B vaccine not harmful – minister

The phony hepatitis B vaccines that were previously found in various health centers across the country pose no health risks, said the Department of Health.

During the routine monitoring in Mbarara in March of this year, the National Drug Authority (NDA) collected about 48 ampoules of suspected hepatitis B vaccines from different health centers. The discovery led to a series of investigations in at least 18 drug shops in West and Central Uganda.

Yesterday, the Minister of Health published Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng's research findings that the counterfeit hepatitis B vaccines were subjected to tests and did not appear to be harmful to the recipients.

"Chemical tests performed on both samples (authentic and false vaccines) found no harmful active pharmaceutical ingredient that would be harmful to the recipient, and additional field monitoring did not confirm adverse drug reaction," said Aceng.

Aceng said the NDA has endeavored to monitor any side-effects of the counterfeit vaccines, as well as those reported by the media, but so far none have been found.


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