Gene causes .. Scientists emphasize the association of autism disorder with 102 genes

American researchers have confirmed that the number of genes associated with increased chances of an autism disorder reaches 102 genes.

Researchers at the University of Harvard have made significant advances in distinguishing genes related to autism disorders related to intellectual disability and developmental delays, and often interfere with autism..

The analysis of more than 37,000 genetic samples collected around the world is the most thorough study of the genetic sequence of autism to date, the researchers said.

The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics in San Diego .

"With about twice as many samples as previous studies, we have been able to increase the number of genes that have been studied, in addition to the recent improvements in the analytical approach," said Mark Daly, head of the unit of analytical and transplant genetics at the Massachusetts General Hospital. By collecting data from different existing sources, we hope to find a tool for the analysis of the final end of genes that are associated with autism disorders .

Of the 10 genes identified by the researchers, 47 were more strongly associated with intellectual disability and developmental delay than autism, while 52 were more autistic and three genes were associated. .

"The ability to look at other autism-related disorders is important and valuable because they are able to interpret the genetic factors behind the diversity of possible outcomes," the researchers said. "The research presented during the meetings is provisional until it is published in a medical journal and reviewed by scientists .