He made a pedicure with fish and ended up amputated

Victoria Curthoys is a 29-year-old Australian who had contracted all her toes on her right foot after contracting a infection in 2010 after undergoing a pedicure with fish during his holiday in Thailand.

The doctors who treated her in Australia needed two years to diagnose the infection in relation to the "Garra rufa" fish, which is responsible for the implementation of the ictioterapia. This type of pedicure consists of these animals they feed on the dead skin covering the feet that do a natural exfoliation.

The Australian Victoria Curthoys suffered the amputation of the toes after a fish treatment with fish. (Instagram Victoria Curthoys)

The girl was 17 years old when she went on holiday to Thailand and two years later the doctors had to amputate her big toe. But the problem was far from solved, more. Walking from that moment on pressing the other fingers caused ulcers with new infections that eventually forced the amputation of all fingers in a period of five years.

The young woman, who lives in the city of Perth, counted everything on her Instagram account. "When I was in Thailand, I decided to go to a fish spa, I did not think of anything wrong when I saw how they put the system to work and everything seemed very clean, but I was really wrong". The infection caused no pain, so he only realized the problem when he was well advanced. "I had an infection in all the bones of my toes, it was always wrong, when they decided to amputate my fingers, I felt relieved because I would return in my life," she said. In @ terribly unreasonable post photo's and comments, to give them confidence and provide support to other people in difficult situations like the ones they went through.