Health: the secret of olive oil

(ANSA) – The olive oil extra virgin does the heart well and cardiovascular health in general. Its consumption increases a protein in the blood called ApoA-IV – which keeps the platelets at bay, the cells used to prevent bleeding, but if they do not stick well, can cause blind spots (circulatory block) and therefore so much , a heart attack or a stroke.

It unveiled a research published in the journal Nature Communications. ApoA-IV levels in the blood increase with food intake containing unsaturated fats, such as extra virgin oil.

Experts from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto showed that ApoA-IV reduces the ability of platelets to form dangerous arteries that clog the blood vessels. The researchers discovered the exact mechanism by which the molecule binds to a receptor on the platelets, so that it can not attach. The mechanism is important because it also protects against the formation of arterial calcification plaques because this process is also linked to the function of platelets.

According to the experts, the new knowledge gained on ApoA-IV can lead to new preventive and protective therapies for cardiovascular health.