Health warning: Cat infected the owner with a rare disease before he died [FOTO]

Health warning: Cat infected the owner with a rare disease before he died [FOTO]

The threat of the death of the mascot it did not prevent the owner from getting a dangerous infection. The event took place in the United States.

Pets are perfect for many people and although they offer many benefits, it is necessary to keep their health. Recently it was made public through a press release from the magazine The New England Journal of Medicine that a man of the third age sustained a dangerous infection that inadvertently left him missing his dying cat. This news has aroused concern among thousands of people.

The 68-year-old man whose identity he chose not to reveal, lives in the state Missouri, in the United States; In addition, according to the research page, the subject suffered from fever and swelling on the right side of his neck for about two months.

Because these symptoms developed shortly after your cat died, it was not difficult to find a causal relationship to your discomfort, since your pet was diagnosed with cat leukemia.

When the man went to the hospital to the red blisters that gradually increased in size and caused a lot of pain, the doctors decided that he had an inflammation of the lymph nodes. After a blood test, they indicated that what he had was an a tularemia.

Because it is an infection that can be contracted in the Netherlands by eating infected prey such as birds or rodents, the magazine indicated that it was in this way that the owner of the cat was infected. It should be noted that the patient was treated on time and fully recovered after one month.