How Labor Tom Watson lost more than seven stones in a year to beat diabetes

How Labor Tom Watson lost more than seven stones in a year to beat diabetes

Labor-deputy leader Tom Watson has revealed that he lost an incredible seven stones in a year after he drastically changed his diet to fight Type 2 Diabetes.

Watson told that he had been fighting weight gain for 25 years, but that he eventually cleaned up his cupboards of his beloved chocolate Hobnobs when he tapped the dishes on 22 stones.

The politician, who earned the nickname & # 39; Tommy Two Dinners & # 39; got, is now on crusade to improve the health of a British audience that is hopelessly addicted to sugar.

Tom Watson tipped the scales on 22 tiles last year (Image: Rex)

He said: & # 39; I miss chocolate Hobnobs, but nothing better than feeling fit and alive.

& # 39; I've been fighting weight gain for 25 years and have tried every type of diet, from Weight Watchers to red and green days. I even tried the cabbage soup diet.

"I was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago and like many men my age, he was in denial and also scared. But when I hit 22 stones last year, I knew I had done something.

He added: "It was not that I was eating anymore, it was that my metabolism was not working properly."

The transformation of Tom Watson lasted less than a year (Photo: PA)

Type 2 Diabetes is a serious, lifelong condition in which the insulin that makes the pancreas does not work properly, or the pancreas does not make enough insulin. It usually affects older people, but the number of people in Great Britain is increasing.

A fierce political historian, 51-year-old Watson, noticed how many of his political heroes had died in the fifties. He was there in 1994 at night. Labor leader John Smith died of a heart attack at the age of 56.

As a father of two children, he wanted to make sure he was still alive to walk his daughter through the aisle.

He said: "I read two well-known books about weight loss and they were somewhat contradictory so I went through all the source material and read scientific articles and realized what has been told us over the past decades about diet is not good.

& # 39; The public has been told about the importance of a low-fat diet, but obesity has increased, the problem is that we eat too much sugar.

& # 39; I hate when people are blamed for their bad diet, especially if you have big companies like Coca-Cola and Kellogs that push their sugar-based products that have no nutritional value. & # 39;

Tom Watson is now on crusade to get Great Britain fitter (Picture: Rex)

He decided to take drastic measures and scrap beer, Guinness, curry and then looked at his cupboards.

He said: & # 39; Chocolate Hobnobs was my favorite. They had to go, along with Jaffa cakes, all refined sugar products, processed foods and starchy carbohydrates.

I started to eat the kind of dinners that our parents used to eat, meat and two vegetables, etc., before processed foods and sugar became the norm.

& # 39; After a while I started to get enough energy to do physical exercise during the day and now I feel better than I have for decades. My type 2 diabetes is in remission. & # 39;

Watson skipped, boxed and cycled his way to losing an incredible seven stone and now he is a new wardrobe later determined to help other people get fit and live longer.

He said: & # 39; There is something very wrong in our society. One in ten of my constituents in West Bromwich has Diabetes. So many of our children are also obese. & # 39;

On Wednesday he will outline his vision of a fitter Great Britain during an important speech in which he will use a Labor government to reduce diabetes.

Visit the Diabetes UK website for more information about diabetes type 2.