If the cough persists

Coughing is annoying and often annoying. But he is rarely dangerous. How to recognize yourself that a doctor's visit is advisable?

Wiesbaden (dpa) l In the middle of a classical concert, in the church or during the night: sleeping in one way or another always comes at an inconvenient time. But why is that? And is it true that the color of the ejection allows conclusions about the cause of coughing? Lunchtime specialist Kai-Michael Beeh has just written a book about his favorite organ: "The breathtaking world of the lungs". The specialist spoke to the dpa-themed service about inappropriate cough, green mucus and effective cold prevention.

Why do so many people have to cough during concerts?

Many people feel looked at, usually the air is dry and the atmosphere is tense. That makes people nervous. When we are nervous, part of our nervous system is activated – the escape reflexes. Only: we can not escape. So we can not physically reduce the nervousness.

The body regulates the opposite nervous system, the braking system. While one is drying out the mucous membranes, the other causes an increase in saliva production and irritates the bronchi. The cough sensors in the bronchi are made so "sharp". At a certain point you can not help it – and you have to cough.

And how do you get this cough stimulus back under control?

Sitting, he can not be suppressed. Movement helps. So in case of doubt, leave the room and walk around.

It is disgusting, but we must also talk about ejecting. Is it true: green sputum is bacterial, yellow viral?

Slime is a bit treacherous. On the harmless scale at the top there is a clear ejection. There must be no bacterial infection. Yellow is found in allergic asthma or colds. That green sputum is always caused by bacteria and must be treated with antibiotics, however, is a myth.

Cold is usually caused by viruses – and everyone knows that eventually the mucus from the nose can become tough and green. The green color is caused by white blood cells that die off when the inflammation heals. Green sputum is only doubtful if it occurs for more than a few days and a fever or chest pain occurs. Bloody mucus must always be clarified. Usually this is harmless, but behind it even serious illnesses can be hidden.

When cough a case for the doctor?

Coughing as part of a cold is not dangerous for otherwise healthy people. This cough is usually over after three or four weeks. If it takes longer than four weeks, you should go to the doctor.

How do you manage not to catch a cold in the transitional period?

Stay cool. This compulsive "I can not get sick" usually causes us to get stressed and become susceptible to infections. If you want to protect yourself, you should wash your hands regularly with soap. In fact, cold viruses are usually transmitted by shaking hands or touching door handles. Feeding balanced and healthy food also helps. And go to the light at regular intervals, take vitamin D. This is also important for the immune system, as well as physical exercise, for example, regular walks.

And most importantly: a positive attitude! Anyone who has a life-affirming attitude, a cold, according to a study, less often.

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