If the pressure patient .. Dash "diet is controlled .. Know the method

A silent killer is a word that is called hypertension.In the case of ignoring the normal treatment of the disease, it can endanger the life of the infected person.It is one of the main causes of sudden death.There are many tips for the silent killer. Stress and anxiety, but in fact, attention to the quality of food intake is one of the most important tips that maintain the health of the patient with high blood pressure.

The report, published on the website "MayoClinic"" There is a diet called Dash that regulates blood pressure in the body and contributes to the reduction of high altitude, and this system depends on eating all foods, but of low fat and salty To lower high blood pressure.

The report pointed out that this "Dash" system relies heavily on reducing the proportion of foods that contain sodium and eating foods rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium because they contribute to lowering blood pressure, and do not help rise, and if they continue to eat, these foods will notice a difference. Pressure ratio after two weeks.

The report stressed that the system "Dash" of the systems that contain many of the important nutrients that the body needs, to avoid a shortage of the body of the elements that need it, and thus depends on eating vegetables , fruit and low-fat dairy products, fish, chicken and nuts, Foods are rich in all the nutrients that the body needs and help to meet all their needs, so divide your day to eat all elements to reduce the incidence of complications , with the need to practice daily.


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