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In Gironde, a bug detects the risks of a stroke
From left to right and from top to bottom: Dr. Stéphane Olindo during the demonstration, Dr. François Rouanet and the stick of MyDiagnostick connected to a computer with which the results can be read immediately.

photo & # 39; s dr and philippe taris / "south west"

Neurologists from Bordeaux University Hospital rely on pharmacists in Pessac, Gironde, to carry out electrocardiograms for people over 65 years of age.

The chilly elders, and they are generally numerous, will inevitably be seduced by the principle. That of performing an electrocardiogram (ECG) – a measure of the electrical activity of the heart – without having to undress. "They can even keep their fur," says Dr. Stéphane Olindo, one of the neurologists of the neurovascular unit of CHU Pellegrin of Bordeaux, on the initiative of the PESSAC-program (Prevention and awareness of a stroke …