In Tambov free vaccination of pets against rabies

In Tambov free vaccination of pets against rabies

Photo: NewsProm.Ru

The immunization process started today, 10 September.

The first to make a free vaccination against rabies are residents of Laskov and near the Laskovsky career areas. It goes to the addresses: Chkalov Street, 10 (Shop "Produkty") and Chkalov, 105. Will end at 19:00.

The next departure of the mobile groups is scheduled for September 12 at the address: Nagornaya Street, 14 (school number 35, building 2), from 15:00 to 19:00.

Urgent vaccination of pets is being carried out in connection with the deterioration of the spread of the rabies virus in the region. It takes a month.

As reported in the city council of Tambov for the control of animal diseases, they now have 2 thousand doses of the vaccine at their disposal. When it stops, specialists are not difficult to fill it.

In addition, the vaccination schedule will be website regional management of veterinary medicines.