In the UK, the first case of "pox monkeys"

In the UK, the first case of "smallpox monkeys" was registered. A dangerous virus was found in a Nigerian naval officer who came to the United Kingdom to take part in Defense exercises (MoD) based on the Royal Navy in Cornwall. As reported by the British media, cases of the disease have so far been registered in 33 countries around the world.

The officer flew from Nigeria to London last weekend on a commercial flight. After confirming the diagnosis, the patient was transferred to the infectious diseases department at the Royal Free Hospital in London. His condition is stable.

The Public Health Service of England (PHE) contacted the passengers of the aircraft who were sitting next to the person to warn them that they had been exposed to the infection. The virus does not spread easily between people, but can be transmitted through close contact. "The British public health service oversees those who have had close contact with the patient to give advice and to check if necessary," the official report said.

According to PHE, the risk for the general public is considered very low, but it remains likely.

"Smallpox pox" – a rare viral infection, similar to smallpox, but not so deadly. Early signs of monkeypox infection, according to the WHO, include heat, severe headache, back pain and muscle pain. After the fever has stopped, patients experience a "skin rash" – a rash appears throughout the body. Formations can become crunchy and "fall" after about 10 days of the skin.

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