Kuwait undertakes action on the border with Iraq

Kuwait undertakes action on the border with Iraq


Stephanie McGehee

Kuwait City

The Ministry of Health of Kuwait said it had not received an official statement of the cholera epidemic in Iraq, but stressed that it took a series of precautions to combat the disease.

Kuwait's assistant secretary of state for Health, Magda Al-Qattan, said in a statement published Monday by Kuwait's official KUNA agency that what was recently reported in the media on the spread of cholera in the Republic of Iraq spread, is just "press information".

"There are no instructions for the outbreak of cholera in Iraq from the World Health Organization and other relevant organizations," she said.

Al Qattan explained that the ministry provided laboratory reagents and diagnostic options for suspect cases. The procedures for sampling and laboratory diagnosis have been distributed to all relevant treatment authorities.

She said the ministry is monitoring the latest information on cholera disease in collaboration with the relevant authorities, the World Health Organization and other international organizations and is working to disseminate it to the relevant authorities in the country.

In this regard, Al-Qattan called travelers to Iraq to postpone travel because of their health at this time, especially children under five years old and people with chronic illnesses or weak immunity and pregnant women.

The oil-rich province of Basra in southern Iraq witnessed demonstrations of its third month against unemployment and poor services to civilians, while thousands of injuries were poisoned and the digestive system was enriched with water pollution.

Activists said that this caused cholera to spread with Kuwait in this border area.

Source: KUNA + agencies