Lack of life-saving medicines in pharmacies and insulin shortages

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Lack of life-saving medicines in pharmacies and a shortage of insulin medication from the Nile site on Monday 5 November 2018.

A tour of the pharmacies in Khartoum pointed to the lack of life-saving antitanos in all pharmacies and medical supplies.

In addition to a major shortage of the drug "Insulin" for diabetics, at that time the head of pharmacies Hamdi Abu Haraz (Sudanese) revealed, in the absence of most of the main drugs, the tetanus, which was considered a life-saving drug and dies within 24 hours the patient has not given the required dose, and withdrew from the lack of medication in children, pressure, sugar and a number of antibiotics. Abu Harraz said that this is the worst phase in the pharmaceutical sector for forty years and predicted that the crisis would worsen if the sector's vision of the sector is not clearly understood and treated.

Khartoum: Tasnim Abdel-Sayed
Sudanese newspaper.

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Source: Nile