Lisa Paglia-Skinner talks about Alzheimer's disease or other dementias in the new book - Press release

Behavioral expert, Lisa Paglia-Skinner, the book of co-authors entitled Not All Who Wander Need Lost, with her son, Ken Paglia

Lisa Paglia-Skinner is a behavioral expert specializing in Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, with over 2 decades of experience managing different cases and helping families find the best possible care. In line with her goal to help people suffering from different types of dementia, Lisa Skinner has launched a book that is co-authored with her son, Ken Paglia, an author and public relations professional.

Dementia is a common disease associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills that could lead to a reduction in a person's ability to perform daily activities. Alzheimer's disease is probably the most common form of dementia, accounting for over 60% of cases. Dementia is generally caused by damage to brain cells with some of the well-known conditions that lead to changes in the brain including depression, side effects of the drug, excessive use of alcohol, thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies. While there are different ways of managing the condition, many health care workers and patients' loved ones are not adequately informed about how to effectively manage the condition. This is where Lisa Paglia-Skinner in collaboration with Ken Paglia is trying to make a big difference.

Skinner aims to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease and dementia and how to maintain a meaningful relationship with the affected person. He plays the main character of the book, literally holding readers by the hand and using real-life stories to illustrate some of the common behaviors associated with dementia along with an explanation of behavior at the end of each chapter.

Not all those who wander need to be lost is a detailed and concise written guide to help readers overcome the excruciating challenges of having a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or any other form of dementia. Lisa teaches from her experience in the field of eldercare, offering simple but effective advice to address the difficult questions that families face during this period. Some of the questions answered in the book include:

• How to respond to the false belief of a loved one

• How to tackle the problem by putting parents in the care of professionals

• How to make the most of the remaining time.

Skinner's original thinking and counter-intuitive solutions provide family members, spouses, children, caregivers and others with the tools they need to effectively manage symptoms of brain disease.

The book has become popular with several readers receiving awards from different neighborhoods. "This is the most informative book I read about Alzheimer's and Dementia I have a 93-year-old mother and I realized she's really doing well and her symptoms were not related to the disease. I felt very grateful to Lisa for her hard work and for putting that book together for the general public to be better informed and what to do for our loved ones … God bless you, Lisa! "says Peggy Meyers.

Not all Wander Need Be Be Lost are currently available on Amazon for readers all over the world.

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Regarding the authors

LISA SKINNER is a behavioral expert in the field of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. In his twenty year career as a community counselor and regional director of care facilities for the elderly, he has helped thousands of families find the best care options for their loved ones. He holds an administrator's license through the California Department of Social Services. As a trainer, consultant and public speaker, Skinner has dedicated his career to teaching people the skills to effectively manage brain diseases.

KEN PAGLIA, son of Skinner, is an author and public relations professional based in Sacramento, California.

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