Malvern gave six months of life after a cancer surgery

A PENSIONER with cancer has appealed to a parliamentarian for help while continuing to wait for a life-saving operation.

Michael Swallow, aged 81, was told that he could only have six months of life without an operation on the tumor, which was found in the mouth during a dental visit in November.

The diagnosis was confirmed with a biopsy and CAT and MRI scans and, at a consultation about four weeks ago, he was informed that surgery was needed.

This week Mr. Swallow, of Brook Farm Drive, Malvern, attended a further appointment at Worcestershire Royal Hospital where he hoped he would be notified of the date and location of the operation – but it was not.

His son Tim, who participated in this week's meeting with his father, said: "We were informed by the consultant – a gentleman who appeared upset by the situation as I am and my father – who is currently Worcestershire Royal for reasons of "infrastructure" was not able to offer this surgery and that, despite efforts to transfer my father to another location or to have confidence in the operation, none of these opportunities had yet been identified.

"The situation for my father is extremely serious.

"We were informed that he would have to receive surgery now, that any further delay could result in even more extensive surgery if the tumor spreads into his bones.

"He was advised that without any treatment he has a prognosis of maybe six months".

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin took the fight for Mr. Swallow and said, "I will ask senior management of acute confidence to examine this case and report on some urgency."

Dr. Suneil Kapadia, chief medical officer of the trust, said: "We have identified a small number of patients who need extremely complex reconstructive surgery for their head or neck, which should receive such intervention in a specialized center.

"We took these actions exclusively in the interest of patient safety.

"We apologize for the delay in Mr Swallow's operation and we would like to reassure him that we are doing everything possible to make sure that he receives the most appropriate treatment for his condition as soon as possible."


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