Many animals can rely, some better than you

Every single night time in the course of breeding time, the male túngara frog of Central America will stake out a performance patch in the neighborhood pond and devote unbroken several hours broadcasting his splendor to the world.

The mud-brown frog is hardly the dimensions of a shelled pecan, but his contact is huge and dynamic, a lengthy downward sweep that appears remarkably like a phaser weapon on Star Trek, followed by a short, twangy, harmonically dense chuck.

Unless of course, that is, a competing male starts contacting nearby, in which scenario the first frog is probably to include two chucks to the tail of his sweep. And ought to his rival respond similarly, Male A will tack on a few chucks.

Again and forth they go, phone and increase, until the frogs appear to hit their respiratory restrict at six to 7 quick-fireplace chucks.