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Read more about the chocolate diet More information about the chocolate diet.

Al-Hawar Chocolate is known to cause weight gain, so it is not addressed by people who want to lose weight.

But what many do not know is that one diet & # 39; chocolate diet & # 39; is called. According to French nutritionist Catherine Chagrani Conan, this diet can be followed if you want to lose weight without deprivation.

"There is no reason to exclude chocolate from our daily diet, it can be taken with a diet and we must not forget that it helps to get rid of stress."

If you want to apply a chocolate diet, follow this program: take 20 grams or 3 squares of dark chocolate daily.

You can do this, in combination with taking coffee or after an evening meal, according to the expert, who pointed out that dark chocolate contains 70% of the composition on cocoa and 30% sugar.

The French magazine Elle quoted nutritionist Anne-Lauren Munier by saying that the fat in dark chocolate was healthy.

This type of chocolate is an effective determinant of appetite because it reduces the activity of the fortified glyline hormone, said specialist Frederic Salman.

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