Nurse hits out at dementia care in Tayside after father 'left alone in locked room' with brain bleed following fall

A nurse has hit on the quality of dementia care in Tayside.

Angela Wright, who was originally from Dundee but now lives in the Livingston area, said she was "totally alarmed" by the level of treatment her father Alistair Easson

Mr Easson, 80, suffered a serious head injury during the last facility Tuesday and Mrs Wright said he was left unattended despite a depressed level of consciousness, a potential symptom of brain trauma.

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Alistair Easson outside his Maryfield during happier times

Mrs Wright claims the injury was described as a "one-inch laceration to his forehead" and "having a" sleepy "and lethargic feeling."

Mr. Easson was later transferred to the 80-year-old had suffered a brain contusion and bleed.

Mrs Wright said: “I got a phone call on Tuesday to say he had tripped over a legacy of furniture and had to fall. The staff told me he was feeling very sleepy but he was fine.

"The following day, I was told he had a chest infection and a high temperature, and on Thursday he was admitted to Ninewells. He is still there, unconscious, and things really are not looking good.

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Kingsway Care Center

"We've managed to get his temperature down but he is looking very frail. He will never be back to Ward 3 (at the Kingsway Care Center). Not for hours.

“I seriously unimpressed with the level of communication, that he had to be unconscious before I was told what was actually going on. It feels very unfair because I could have been with him sooner.

"I am totally alarmed at the level of care and honesty there needs to be an investigation into what happened." Dementia patients deserve better than this. "

Mr Easson has remained in the care of doctors at Ninewells Hospital and fell more than this week two to aspiration pneumonia secondary to the initial injury.

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Bill Bowman MSP.

North East MSP Bill Bowman said Mrs Wright is "fully justified to ask questions about the standards of her father's care, as well as a loving daughter in this situation".

He added: "NHS Tayside must fully investigate the reasons behind the injury and allegations of later mistreatment.

"Any dementia sufferer being left alone with a head injury is unacceptable."

Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership said.

A spokeswoman said: "The care and safety of our patients is a matter of course."

"We would encourage Mrs Wright to contact us directly so we can discuss her concerns."

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