Nutritionists have mentioned a product that promotes weight loss.

Nutritionists have mentioned a product that promotes weight loss.Doctors pointed to the favorable and harmful properties of chicken eggs.

Chicken eggs are one of the best supplements for the diet during the cold season, they are rich in healthy nutrients.

But whether this product is suitable for absolutely everyone, writes with reference to 24apteka.

Usually, concerns about eating eggs are related to the cholesterol they contain. Indeed, one egg contains more than 200 mg of cholesterol. But in fact, egg cholesterol is balanced by a different ingredient, lecithin, and it is not harmful to the human body. Moreover, cholesterol is a priori necessary for the body in moderate doses, because it participates in the processes of regulation of the cardiovascular system.

In terms of nutrition, you should eat about 4-6 eggs per week. Scientists note that people who already have high cholesterol levels in the blood can eat no more than 2 yolks and 6-8 proteins per week. Experts also warned that a small percentage of people can not afford to eat egg dishes – their bodies can not digest this product due to genetic characteristics.

In addition, experts warned of the danger of raw egg consumption – such a habit may contribute to the development of a bowel salmonellosis infection. At the same time, according to them, this product does not have to be overprocessed: only a boiled egg is preferred for health, because it also contains the maximum amount of useful substances.

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"Recent studies have shown that eggs help to lose weight without damaging the body." Chicken eggs improve lung function, fight bacteria and reduce the risk of cancer, and another benefit to chicken eggs is to maintain normal blood pressure. " , explained doctors.

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