Optimization needs for recommendations for medical lifestyle

Berlin (pts003 / 13.10.2018 / 11: 50) – A new study from Würzburg, Germany, sees a need for the optimization of recommendations for medical lifestyle in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In the
Primary prevention, which deals with the best possible prevention of the development of cardiovascular diseases, medical recommendation for a healthy lifestyle that occurs more often in people
pronounced, who already have known cardiovascular risk factors – so relatively late. In secondary prevention, the purpose of which is to prevent the progression of an existing disease
the recommendation of a physician for a healthy lifestyle is more likely, but with increasing age of patients becoming increasingly rare. "However, elderly patients with CHD have a lot of problems
Take advantage of lifestyle interventions, the cause of the acceptance of adequate recommendations for medical lifestyle must be established and prevented, "says study leader Prof. Dr. med.
Theresa Tiffe (Würzburg), during the German Hearts Days in Berlin.

With the exception of the recommendation to stop smoking, people in secondary prevention received recommendations on a healthy lifestyle more often than with primary prevention: for weight loss 69.2
to 43.8 percent, to physical activity 71.4 versus 52.1 percent, to healthy eating 73.1 versus 43.9 percent.