Palestine news today the reality of vitamin D .. Science blasting "historical error"

The news of Palestine today, where people in many countries like to take nutritional supplements, to provide their body with vitamin D "useful for bones, but this organic compound has no miraculous effect as many imagine.

Half of the population of the United States and Great Britain uses vitamin D supplementation to fill the lack of sunlight exposure. Under Queen Victoria this vitamin was given as rickets to children in poor areas.

Currently, this vitamin is used to treat osteoporosis in the midst of concerns about the influence of modern lifestyles on people's health due to prolonged stay in places covered by the sun.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, the levels of vitamin D in the human body are largely influenced by genetic factors, so sunlight is not an ideal solution.

The study was based on a large sample, which broke health data for 500 thousand people and 188 thousand cases in different countries around the world, and the results of the study that the lack of vitamin "D" does not increase the risk of human fractures.

Moreover, the researchers discovered that taking vitamin D supplements did not help people to strengthen bones or prevent the health problems associated with them, so much of what is rumored in medical circles is not correct.

Because the body needs vitamin D for other vitamins, the study recommends taking a moderate dose because it can be too counterproductive.

The scientific and medical community disagree about the dose that a person needs in his body. Although some believe that this need varies from 50 to 80 nanomoles per liter of blood, there are people who say that this is only achieved by reaching 30 nanomoles per liter of blood.

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