Palestinian women are banned from investigating breast cancer in Lebanon!

BEIRUT – After the Ministry of Health in Lebanon started a national campaign for early detection of breast cancer from 1 October 2018 to the end of January 2019, Palestinian women went to a number of government hospitals to receive a free mammogram, The campaign is not limited to Lebanese women according to a number of women.

The health official of the popular committee of Mar Elias refugee camp, Waleed Al-Ahmad, said he had told some Palestinian women to go to government hospitals to undergo radiotherapy for breast cancer, but the surprise was when Palestinian women were informed that the campaign was only for Lebanese women.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that he did not know whether the decision to allocate the campaign to Lebanese women was issued by the Ministry of Health in Lebanon, or a decision by the hospital administration, which was meant by Palestinian women.

"The national campaign is only for Lebanese women who are not their guarantors," said sources of the Lebanese Ministry of Health, and denied any racist stance behind the exclusion of Palestinian women and women.