Picking your nose is dangerous

The researchers then investigated whether bacteria were present on the nasal mucosa after different types of contact with the hand. It turned out to be present, and in considerable quantity. And the most effective way of infection was considered "wet" by putting a finger in the nose. In the second place comes the "wet sniffing" of the back of the hand. The results of the "dry" shipping methods were not so noticeable, because in some dry environment some bacteria die off. Tests also showed that it is possible to get infected, not only to pick the nose, but simply wipe it with the back of your hand.

"I think it is unrealistic to stop children from completely clearing their noses or wiping them with their hand, and the presence of bacteria is sometimes even useful because it strengthens the child's immunity and becoming sick in old age, so it remains unclear whether it is useful to protect children completely against pneumococci, said Connor.-Nevertheless, parents should not forget that the source of the spread of pneumococcal infection are dirty hands. older relatives or relatives with a weakened immune system, it is therefore necessary to wash their hands more often and wash their toys and other surfaces. "