Popular IVF blogger dies at childbirth

Her struggle with thousands of IVF-inspired women and her heart-warming pregnancy strip brought her thousands of followers on social media, but in a tragic twist, Vanessa Fernandez Arango died before she could even hold her baby.

The popular Spanish blogger, who documented her entire IVF trip, died during childbirth, as reported by KidSpot.

Mrs. Fernandez Arango, 30, shared her and husband Jonathan Garcia, followed IVF travel on Instagram and followed thousands of people.

The couple shared photos of ultrasounds and baby clothes, as well as their previous struggles with infertility.

"The beginning of the end, the beginning of the feeling of life and the end of suffering," Vanessa wrote with a photo of a positive pregnancy test in May.

"So here begins our story, our story with a happy ending."

But, tragically, it was not the happy ending they hoped for.

After 38 weeks the mother became embarrassed during breakfast and was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors performed caesarean section, but Vanessa died after a heart attack.

"This morning she had pain during breakfast and fainted," wrote Jonathan, 32, in a post on September 2 after his wife was admitted to hospital.

"They took us to the hospital with an ambulance and there they had to make an emergency coupon.The baby is in very serious condition at the ICU and my wife has a cardiac arrest that she could not overcome."

He then placed a heartbreaking message on her Twitter account.

"This is Vanessa's husband, they have a cesarean section, the baby is in intensive care, Vanessa has died, you'll understand that this account will close now, thank you all for making her laugh," he wrote. .

Their baby boy is doing well now and Jonathan has kept Instagram followers informed of his claims as a single father.

"I can finally get something positive: Alvaro is recovering little by little, he still has a lot of testing and will continue for a while in intensive care, but it's a small step," he wrote.

"I never thought that a farewell message in her honor would have led to such an avalanche of support … I want you to know that I continue her dream of helping other couples."

This article originally appeared on KidSpot and has been re-published here with permission.