Regular nail biting can cause cancerous tumors

Regular nail biting can cause cancerous tumors

Rare cancer: finger amputation after nail biting

To get rid of the fingernail, biting is recommended not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health reasons. This is particularly evident in a case from Australia. Fingernail caught a rare cancer with a young woman. She had to let her finger amputate.

Chewing fingernails can be dangerous

Fingernail chewing is common. It is estimated that 40 percent of children and about 10 percent of adults munch on their nails. Often stress is the reason that the fingers automatically stray to the mouth and nibble on them. Sometimes, however, they are also trivial causes, such as boredom. The results of nail biting not only look ugly, but can also have serious health consequences. This also had to be experienced by a young woman from Great Britain who lives in Australia. With her nail biting caused a rare form of cancer.

Fingernägelkauen can have fatal consequences. This had to be experienced by a woman in Australia who caused a rare cancer. (Image: toa555 /

Rare cancer

According to media reports, Courtney Whithorn's thumb had to be amputated after suffering a rare cancer.

The cause of skin cancer was probably her habit to chew on the nails, writes the British newspaper "The Sun".


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