Rospotrebnadzor Bashkiria: "Refusal of vaccinations undermines the health of the nation"

Anastasia Golicheva, photo of open sources

Galina Permina, deputy head of the Regional Rospotrebnadzor, said that refusing vaccinations in the modern world could undermine the health of both an individual and the entire country. She said this during the operational meeting in the mayor of Ufa.

The Deputy Chief Inspector Sanitary Inspector in the Republic emphasized that the rejection of vaccines led to the development of diseases such as measles and polio in the neighboring countries. With vaccines in the majority of the population these diseases could in principle disappear.

In particular, Galina Permina advocated a vaccine against influenza, because this virus can cause serious complications. The number of vaccinated people who become ill at the same time is 2% of the total number of patients. The deputy head of Rospotrebnadzor of Bashkortostan associates this with an error that could occur if a person was not completely healthy during the vaccination.

From 2 November this year the number of vaccinated in the republic is about 780 thousand people, of which 235 thousand in Ufa. In the past week in the capital of Bashkir, 4.5 thousand people, including 2.3 thousand children, became ill from the flu and ORVI.

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