Scientists have successfully tested the vaccine against melanoma

Scientists have successfully tested the vaccine against melanoma

American scientists have successfully tested a new drug that complements the therapy in the treatment of a dangerous skin tumor melanoma.

The study of an international group of scientists has been published in the scientific journal PNAS.

They tested the drug on laboratory mice with aggressive melanoma. Rodents received antibodies against PD-L1, which are already used in the treatment of tumors, as well as a new drug called "Diprovocym", which affects the immune system.

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Just as a vaccine can train an organism to fight external pathogens, our medicine can train the immune system to fight against a tumor,
– explained one of the authors of the Dale Bogore study.

During the 54 days of the experiment, scientists succeeded in achieving 100% survival in the experimental mice. If the drug is safe for a person, it can be used in therapy in the treatment of melanoma in the future.

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