Scientists successfully examined the vaccine from HIV

The vaccine developed by experts has demonstrated optimistic outcomes. In all 393 participants in the examine, the vaccine elicited a suitable immune response, Lancet writes.

Dr. Michael Brady, health care director of the Terrence Higgins Trust, famous that there is no need to hurry up with the conclusions, though there is hope.

The review included volunteers among the ages of eighteen and 50 from the US, Rwanda, Uganda, Thailand and South Africa. In 48 weeks they injected the created drug. As a result, the immune technique of all participants in the experiment showed a good response.

This drug also secured monkeys from a virus equivalent to HIV. They were vaccinated with a specific drug, and then they attempted to infect with a virus ailment equivalent to HIV. This vaccine could protect two/three macaques.

Researchers prepare to keep on tests and uncover out if the vaccine is able to save folks from this virus.